The Totally Ninja Raccoons and the Secret of the Canyon (Paperback)


In The Totally Ninja Raccoons and the Secret of the Canyon, the Ninja Raccoons continue their ninja training, learn compassion, and meet a creature of Pennsylvania Folklore, a Sidehill gouger.

The Ninja Raccoons investigate the legend of the crying baby. Will the Raccoons discover the secret of the canyon? Can the Cat Board stop the Raccoons? What did Raccoons eat before there was tasty General Tso's Chicken?

There are more things in heaven and earth than these three brothers ever dreamed. Cats are trying to take over the world; monsters are real; and Chinese food really will make you hungry soon after you eat it. It's up to the Ninja Raccoons to do something about it.

ISBN: 9780692724606
ISBN-10: 0692724605
Publisher: From My Shelf Books & Gifts
Publication Date: May 31st, 2016
Pages: 42
Language: English
Series: Totally Ninja Raccoons