The Cat Board and the Cardboard Caper (The Cat Board #1)


Did you ever suspect that cats want to take over the world? Well, it's true! Have you heard of the Cat Board? No? Well, that's not surprising, since it's the super-secret organization of cats that plan world domination.

In The Cat Board and the Cardboard Caper, The Cat Board makes plots to take over the world. The world needs boxes and what better way to control the world than to control the production of cardboard boxes? Boxes are important to commerce. Control the flow of cardboard and boxes and you control the world, or at least that's the Cat Board's plan.

The Cat Board takes over a box factory and gets strange water creatures to do all the work. Will there be cardboard chaos? Cats will one day rule the world. Will this be the day? Read about the adventures of the Cat Board and find out for yourself.